Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Trip Of A Lifetime Has Arrived!

Soon we will see this welcoming sign at Ben Gurion airport.  We leave on Wednesday, March 14th out of Toronto.  We will fly on British Airways through London Heathrow and arrive in Tel Aviv mid-afternoon on Thursday the 16th.

Our pilgrims include Pastor Pat and Pam Jones, Hosts; Pastor Mike and Karen Dwyer; Pastor Dan and Colleen Browell; Mike and Shirley Stanton; Tim Payne; Dee Folger; Kim Howell and Walt Wittkugel.

Our guide and driver for our trip will be Nir Nitzan.  www.nirtours4u.co.il.

We will be staying at the Hotel Gilgal, Tel Aviv; the Scots Hotel in Tiberius; the Spa Club Hotel Dead Sea; and the Prima Kings Hotel in Jerusalem.

We return home on Wednesday, March 29th, arriving in Toronto at 7:50 p.m. that evening.

You can check back here daily for updates and pictures and in the future to remember the trip.

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